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Working Group 1 Ontologies


The objective of this WG is to analyze existing ontologies for gaps and provide solutions to support the annotation of all gene regulatory factors, their functions, and the relationships between them. The group is responsible for the recommendation and integration of biomedical ontologies and other data standards into the curation workflow. Its members comprise experts in ontology design and engineering (Learn More).

Working Group 2 Curation

The objective of this WG is the creation of an inventory and analysis of curation protocols, and assess how ontology improvements and text mining can be integrated in curation workflows, for the following areas:

  • Gene Regulators at the protein level (e.g. transcription factors (TF))
  • Gene Regulators at the RNA level (e.g. ncRNAs)
  • The nucleotide sequence recognition level (TF binding sites)
  • The genome-level (e.g. methylation status, histone modifications, etc.)
  • The interaction level (e.g. TF complexes with DNA)

(Learn More)


Working Group 3 Text Mining


The objective of this WG is to list, assess and recommend text mining tools that can support manual curation of Gene Regulation Knowledge by integrating advanced text mining technology in a user-friendly curation environment (Learn More).

Working Group 4 Databasing


The objective of this WG is to provide recommendations for storing and sharing of the Gene Regulation Knowledge Commons content, and ensuring interoperability (Learn More).


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