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Use Cases GREEKC

The main objective of GREEKC is improving the development of the Gene Regulation Knowledge Commons: the ecosystem of databases and resources available to (computational) biologists for the analysis of the processes and mechanisms involved in gene regulation. This use needs the establishment of efficient curation pipelines and interoperability ways that allow the exchange of information between databases. The GREEKC consortium members convened in the Rende Workshop to design several ‘Use Cases’ that describe how currently available web resources can illustrate such integrated use.

In each Use Case, biological questions or problems commonly encountered in computational biology, biocuration, bioinformatics, or any related molecular biology community are addressed. The solutions that have been jointly proposed by the experts in Rende to address a series of questions are presented as examples of real cases with steps that can be followed using the resources available to the community. It also describes the various results that can be reached with these suggestions and a short interpretation of what is found. Although the cases are specific, they can be adapted to any gene, protein, or small molecule of interest to the researcher.