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The Cost Action GREEKC sets the stage for a multidisciplinary integrated knowledge  management framework for a key area of computational biology

Researchers across Europe have established a communication and discussion network to coordinate the generation and sharing of data on how gene expression is regulated at the molecular level. This helps to ensure that their research results will be effectively used for computationally driven biological discoveries of wider significance such as the understanding of disease mechanisms and biotechnology applications.

Information obtained in a majority of biology experiments remains locked in publications, supplementary material or improvised databases and does not become readily available for new discoveries. This information needs to be carefully checked, curated and archived in standardized formats in established and well-supported public resources, to become applicable for computational integration, modelling and simulation .

Joint effort of researchers across Europe including global partners, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Journal editors and publishing houses, research policy makers and funding agencies will address how best to align and combine existing efforts in information curation and possibly pave the way to develop the integrated Gene Regulation Knowledge Commons.